How we charge for our services


At Countax we strive to be our clients’ most trusted advisor and take a friendly, confidential and efficient approach to all matters. This includes being transparent with how we charge for our services.

1- Accounting and Taxation Services:

We offer both traditional time based billing and the opportunity to package together a group of services to be billed on a monthly basis by direct debit – whichever suits our clients best.

Option 1- Time based billing: Some clients may have reasonably simple tax and business advisory requirements so are happy to receive a bill, based on time spent, complexity of the work and the value they receive after work is completed. We will happily provide you with an estimate before we start any work if required.

Option 2- Packaging: Other clients may wish to package together several services and know what they will be charged and when.

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We would agree, in writing, with our client what services will be covered and for what cost. This cost would then be split evenly over 12 months (via direct debit) with any extra work outside the scope of the agreement being charged separately on a time spent basis. An agreed review date would also be included. This would give the client peace of mind that they will not receive a surprise bill and are clear on what services are being provided and for what cost.

There is no single billing solution to suit all requirements, so please feel free to contact us and discuss any option that you believe best suits your circumstance and we will see if we can tailor the prefect fit for you.

2- Mortgage Brokering services and Lending Solutions:

In most cases, we are paid commissions by lenders for organising loans for you. This means, you don’t pay anything to us for our services except for fees and charges if and when we pay. For example cost of property valuation. However, we may charge fees for our services for organising loans such as Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) due to the complexity of the loan and amount of work involved. We will inform you in advance.

3- Financial Planning Services:

Our financial planning services are based on fee for services. We will inform you in advance about our fees and charges.

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