How is Countax different?

We are about saving you time and being more convenient for you. Wondering how? Please read on.

Imagine you only deal with one firm to take care of all your financial affairs so you can focus on your life and spending your time with loved ones.

Imagine no more coordination, frustration and follow ups between your accountant, your broker and your financial planner to sort out your financial affairs. We do it all for you under one roof. Imagine having piece of mind about your financial affairs.

We take care of your accounting and taxation affairs and let you know when it is time to invest. Since we have all your financial statements, tax returns and other information, we can facilitate your home loans, commercial or business loans and even your car and equipment finances much quicker. Knowing your financial position and income, we can plan for your future and help you implement your financial plan so you have a comfortable retirement.

Our focus is to save you time and money and giving you piece of mind by providing you with comprehensive and holistic financial services under one roof in a convenient and speedy manner. This is what makes us different.

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