The choice is yours. This is what we believe!

We’ve put together standard packages for small businesses with Sole Trader, Company and Trust structure. The packages include all the services, excluding payroll services, for clients to comply with their taxation and GST requirements. 

You may choose your package based on your needs and budget and can upgrade your package during the year. You can also purchase services on their own in higher packages if this is what you want. 

With these packages and having our ongoing support during the year, you may not need services of external bookkeepers except for your payroll services. Alternatively, we can train you how to take care of it yourself if this is what you want. Don’t worry. We’re here to support you fully during the year. Of course, we can take care of your payroll too if you like. The choice is absolutely yours. We’re here to support you.

Packages for Individual and Sole Traders

Packages for Company and Trust