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You might have been surprised when you first saw this page on our website. Perhaps you have asked yourself how come an accounting firm has allocated a page to the environment on its website. Well the reason is very simple. Like any other businesses, accounting firms are also contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and we all know the effects of that on our planet.

At Countax we are very serious about doing our part in order to be an environmentally friendly company. We share our thoughts and ideas with our clients. We believe, no matter how small our share is, we can still make a difference. That is why we have adopted the following policies in our day to day business operation.

    Investing on software and latest technology in order to become a "paperless" accounting firm and therefore minimizing usage of paper. All documents are saved on our system rather than been printed out. Reports and tax returns will however be provided to the clients on their request.
    Emailing reports and tax returns to financial institutions and government departments instead of printing and faxing them.
    Receiving clients’ data electronically from the banks and other financial institutions
    Recycling paper and printer cartridges
    Communicating via email rather than sending letters and faxes.

Please note we will provide our clients all their reports and tax returns in the form of hard copy should they request.

Finally, Countax welcomes new ideas to be adopted in our business operation in order to be a “greener” company. So please feel free to share your thoughts with us.